3 incomplete taoris ficlets

these three ficlets have been stuck in my iphone notes for a long time and i have no motivation to finish any of them, but i figured i shouldn't delete them when i worked hard on them during the time i was working on them.

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rating: r

"yifan, i'm back from my morning jog," zitao called out.

yifan nodded in response, already regretting his choice to wake up at an earlier hour.

he watched the beads of sweat drip down zitao's neck and he noticed how zitao's shorts hugged the boy's ass in the most sinful way possible. why, oh why, did his roommate have to be so amazingly sexy but so awfully straight?

"i'm going to take a shower," zitao said, as he grabbed a bottled water from the fridge.

as soon as zitao escaped to the bathroom, yifan ran to his bedroom for some privacy.

he sat down on his bed and unzipped his pants. he threw them to the floor and released his cock, which was painfully erect from the moment zitao stepped into the apartment.

yifan gasped as the cool air tickled his cock blissfully. he used his right hand to rub the tip and his left hand to squeeze the rest tightly. he stroked harder and harder until he came into his hand.

just as he was just about finished, zitao barged into the room, with a towel wrapped at his waist.

"hey, do you have any--oh."

yifan hid into his sheets quickly and blushed furiously.

"t-this isn't what it looks like, i swear. i was just.. i-i had.."

zitao smirked and walked towards the bed.

"oh, this is definitely what it looks like."

zitao pulled the sheets off the older boy and pulled the towel off his own body.

"it looks like you're sexually frustrated and tried to deal with the problem yourself."

zitao sat on yifan's thighs and made sure his cock was rubbing against the other's.

"w-w-wait, what are you doing? y-you're straight!"

"i don't know who told you i was straight, but whoever did is obviously an idiot."

yifan became speechless--he didn't have much words to start with anyways-- and zitao positioned himself.

"god, your dick is huge," zitao mentioned, "this is going to be so much fun."

zitao took the large dick into his mouth and used his teeth to chafe it. yifan moaned and thrusted deeper into zitao's cavern.

after some more sucking and moaning, yifan came and zitao swallowed every single drop.

"do you have any lube?" zitao questioned.

yifan pointed to the drawer on his right and zitao rummaged through it.

"ah! chocolate covered strawberry flavor!

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rating: pg-13

"ugh, yifan, it is so hot," zitao complained, while tying her long black hair in a high ponytail.

yifan shook his head, completely ignorant of the heat.

"why can't we buy a fan or turn on the air conditioning in here? i'm dying."

buy a fan and then miss a chance to see zitao decked in oh-so-revealing clothes and her sweat dripping down in the most sinful way possible? do you think yifan was that stupid?

"because air conditioning is way too expensive and fans are loud and annoying."

"then can we go to joonmyun's summer home? it's air conditioned and there's a pool."

"okay, since i know you won't let it go. let me go get the keys."

yifan walked towards the bedroom and rummaged through his drawers. zitao picked out some clothes and tip-toed to the restroom. as soon as yifan found the keys, he called joonmyun.

"hey, yifan, it's been awhile," joonmyun answered.

"sure has. how's the business?" yifan asked.

"it's doing fine. any reason behind your call?"

"zitao wants to use your summer home. you gave us keys, but i wanted to check with you.. you know, just to make sure--"

"just to make sure i wasn't there?"

"hah, yeaaaah, something like that."

"don't worry, i won't be needing it today and i'm pretty sure none of my workers will be passing by today."

"okay, thanks. dinner soon, alright?"

"alright. well, i need to go. work calls."

"sure thing. goodbye."


as soon as yifan hung up, zitao walked back into the room wearing a simple shirt and shorts.

"aren't you going swimming?" yifan asked, disappointment evident in his voice.

"of course! but i decided i wouldn't want to walk in only a swimsuit."

"oh, makes sense."

yifan decided he wouldn't want other eyes on what was his and his only.


as soon as zitao and yifan entered the summer home, she began stripping down, leaving behind a clothing trail and a drooling yifan.

zitao was decked in a glorious black and white strapless swimsuit, accentuating her most desirable body parts.

"aren't you going to put on some sunblock?" yifan asked.

"nope~! i don't get sunburns and if i tan, i tan. i don't really mind being a bit darker."

"alright then."

man, yifan was really hoping

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ft. luhan and lay
rating: pg-13

"xiao lu, you're so pretty."

"tao!" the said man exclaimed, as he repeatedly hit the younger boy on the chest. "i'm manly so you can't call me pretty!"

tao chuckled heartily, taking the hits with ease. "fine, you're handsome."

luhan smiled bashfully and grazed his fingers upon tao's arm.

"you're the best looking person in the group," tao said, with a sweet smile.

he brushed the hairs on luhan's forehead away slowly then cupped his face with his hand. luhan leaned into the touch and closed his eyes.

with the distraction of each other's presence, they lost touch with their surroundings, which included people rushing by and a tall, seething leader.

kris watched the scene in front of him with sharp eyes and flaring nostrils. how dare tao flirt with luhan right in front of him, how fucking dare he.

he was clouded with jealousy and anger, the two things tao liked least; so kris breathed in and out and calmed himself down. he forced himself to think rationally.

there should be reasons why tao is doing this, right?

perhaps, he wants something from luhan? but luhan has always been quick to give tao whatever he desired.

maybe tao was jealous and he's doing this out of revenge?! no, no, no..... tao never gets jealous.... unfortunately.....

wait, what if tao has finally realized that luhan is so much better than me? i mean, that is the most rational reason. luhan is pretty; he sings well, and tao loves it when people sing him to sleep. luhan is always teaching tao how to improve his dancing and the only thing i would be teaching him is ruining his stage presence. also, luhan never ever neglects tao. of course, tao is always my first priority, but luhan is always spoiling him and touching him and helping him out.

kris looked in the mirror and observed himself. what does tao see in me?

lay watched closely as kris began to grasp at his hair and breathed heavily. he looked worried, confused, and kind of close to insane......

"hey lu-" lay yelled, when he saw the situation luhan and tao were in.

well, that's the problem!

lay quickly walked over to luhan and whispered into his ear, "yo, look at duizhang. he's freaking out because of you two."

luhan opened his eyes and turned to look at kris. he was hyperventilating and pulling at his clothes, with a priceless expression on his face.

"ge? what's wrong?" tao asked.

lay and luhan looked at each other with wide eyes.

"should we tell him?"

"of course, he's the reason behind this."

"but it's so funny to watch him freak out."

"i agree, but you know how kris gets after this. he sulks and he's even lazier."

".....then tao gets worried and he starts sulking."

"exactly. we need to tell him."

luhan looked at tao and smiled sweetly. he pointed at kris and tao turned his head. kris was on the verge of tears! tao quickly ran over.


the older boy turned to face the source of the voice. he began to calm down, seeing the beautiful face in front of him.

"tao......." kris muttered.

kris cupped his face, repeating the actions tao did to luhan.

"what's wrong?" tao asked, worry evident in his voice.

"babe, why do you love me?"

"kris... why are you asking me that all of a sudden?"

kris chuckled. "tao, there are so many people out there who are better for you. why me?"

kris let go of tao's face and wiped his eyes.


first bangtan fic and omg basically first fic outside of the taoris fandom idk what i'm doing

please don't expect too much


today was an exciting day for taehyung. today he was going to watch an animated movie he recently bought on dvd with seokjin. missing out on the time it was in the theater due to practice and waiting for weeks for it to be on dvd, taehyung felt like a child about to play with his toys after hours of homework.

he grabbed the dvd from his desk and walked into the living room to look for seokjin. yoongi and jimin were eating by the kitchen counter and seokjin and jeongguk were couch... cuddling?

"aw, jeongguk, you're so cute!" seokjin exclaimed while pinching the other's cheeks.

"hyung, stop that!" jeongguk complained.

"but gukkie! you're my favorite maknae!"

taehyung was surprised by these words and figured seokjin didn't want to be disturbed. he walked into a room only to find hoseok watching a dance video on a computer.

"oh, taehyung, what's up?" hoseok asked.

"um, i was supposed to watch a movie with jin hyung, but he's busy with jeongguk."

hoseok noticed that the younger had a blank expression on his face and was even talking in a very dull voice. "i can watch it with you."

taehyung's eyes widened and he asked excitedly, "really, hyung? will you really watch it with me?"

the older boy nodded and taehyung jumped around.

"okay, hyung, i'll insert this into the computer."

taehyung did as he said and played the movie immediately.

he looked at the older boy and said, "thanks, hyung. i'm really happy to be watching this movie with you."

hoseok ruffled his hair and smiled. "no problem, taehyung. i'm always here for you."

taehyung smiled back, but didn't feel like it was genuine. he was happy to finally watch the movie, but what was this feeling of disappointment in his heart?


"but gukkie! you're my favorite maknae!"

"liar! i know that taehyung is your favorite!"

seokjin pulled away and chuckled. "that's true. speaking of taehyung, i am supposed to watch a movie with him. excuse me."

"yeah, don't be late for your date!" jeongguk replied.

the older stuck his tongue out and so did the maknae.

"oh yeah, taehyung was here a second ago. he went into that room," jimin explained, while pointing to said room.

seokjin nodded as a sign of thanks and walked to the room. he opened the door slowly and saw taehyung looking at hoseok.

"thanks, hyung. i'm really happy to be watching this movie with you."

seokjin gasped silently and closed the door. wasn't he the one who was supposed to watch the movie with taehyung?


after a few days, seokjin noticed that taehyung began doing everything with hoseok. he especially disliked it because hoseok was taking his place in several activites he and taehyung used to partake in. taking pictures, sitting next to each other in the waiting room, and watching movies.

seokjin was growing very tired of being avoided. he wanted his taehyung back and he would make sure he would get him back.

while taehyung was talking to hoseok, seokjin interrupted and asked, "taehyung, may i talk to you?"

"um..." taehyung turned to hoseok, "hyung, can i?"

he doesn't need to ask permission! he's old enough to make his own decisions!

hoseok agreed and pushed the boy forward. seokjin took taehyung's hand into his and led him into a room.

"why are you avoiding me?" seokjin questioned.

"i'm not avoiding you!" taehyung denied.

"then why are you doing everything with hoseok nowadays?"

"i am not!"

"really? you've been watching animated movies with him and last time i checked, animated movie were our thing."

"whoever said that?"

"it was implied!" seokjin yelled.

taehyung got up and walked behind the older. "ugh, just stop trying to make me sound like the bad guy. why don't you go back to jeongguk?"

seokjin turned around quickly and grabbed the boy's wrist. "jeongguk?"

"yes, jeongguk, also known as your favorite maknae and your new best friend."

"whoever said that?"

taehyung pulled his arm away and glared at the other. "you did! i heard you the day we were supposed to watch a movie together."


"don't 'tae' me! i'm leaving!"

the younger was about to open the door when he felt seokjin's arms wrap around his waist.

"tae, i'm sorry. i was just joking about that. jeongguk really isn't my favorite. tae, you are."

"quit lying to me!" taehyung replied, while trying to escape the older's hold.

"i'm not lying. tae, i'm dead serious. you are my favorite. you are my best friend. tae, i love you."

taehyung finally stopped pushing seokjin's arms away. "you love me...?"

"yes, i do. i really do. i didn't realize it when hoseok came into the picture. i figured it out a while ago when i noticed that i was always subconsciously looking for you and when your smile instantly motivated me to keep practing."

seokjin spun the boy around to face him and caressed his cheek. he slowly moved forward and brought his lips to taehyung's, which were everything he imagined--soft, smooth, and sweet.

"i love you, too," the younger whispered onto seokjin's full lips.

taehyung smiled, but this time it was genuine because he got his movie partner back and gained a lover in the process.

wrong diagnosis

unbeta'd bc my lovely beta duijjang is on hiatus (claire i love you and good luck on your exams♥)

created bc taohun is cute and too fab for anyone tbh and the idea of kris getting his panties in a twist due to jealousy makes me laugh

also i haven't written in months....yay


it was a beautiful wednesday morning when kris caught sight of a suspicious pair cuddling on the couch. sehun was in between tao's legs with tao's arms around his waist. the two were whispering into each other's ears and giggling, as their faces were far too close.

just as kris was close to losing his cool (like he hadn't lost it years ago), tao got up and walked to the kitchen. he opened the refrigerator when kris wrapped his arms around the boy's waist and rested his head on his shoulder.

"hey, taozi."

tao loosened himself from kris's grip and stared at the older boy with confusion in his eyes.

"ge, what are you doing?"

"trying to hug you obviously."

the younger boy laughed heartily as he grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator.

"oh, duizhang, when did you become so funny?"

tao grabbed sehun off the couch and the two walked into tao's room.

as for kris, he was left pouting by the kitchen counter with a perplexed suho trying to comfort him.

"uh, it's okay, kris. maybe... he's just... not in the mood for hugs?"

"not in the mood for hugs, yet he's up for a cuddling session with that dumb baby. i'm certain he is trying to make me jealous," kris mumbled angrily.

a few hours later, kris decided to give "operation: get close to taozi" another shot. he opened tao's door slowly, looking for a rainbow head. all he found was tao sitting on the floor, browsing through his phone.

kris chuckled inwardly and rushed to tao's side. he put his arm around the boy's shoulders and tried to kiss him on the cheek, but tao backed away quickly.

"seriously, duizhang, you are being really weird today."

the older boy was left speechless at being rejected once again.

he only felt more hurt when tao hastily pushed kris's arm away and said he was going to look for sehun.

tao walked into the living room and asked, "does anyone know what is wrong with duizhang today?"

"no, why? what did he do?" xiumin questioned.

"he hugged me from behind earlier and just now he tried to kiss me on the cheek."

"how is that a problem? aren't you guys together?" kyungsoo asked.

"well, yeah, but he has never been the type to enjoy skinship. honest to god, i thought he was allergic to people."

"he's jealous," suho stated simply.

"duizhang jealous? mama, you have got to be kidding me! what would he even be jealous of?"

"have you seen you and sehun lately? it seems as if you guys are together instead of you and kris," chen explained.

"that's insane. kris knows--everyone knows--that not one person in this world can replace him and vice versa."

"well, maybe a guy needs reassurance once in a while," suho suggested, with his signature angelic smile.

tao nodded. "i guess."

the boy exited the living room and walked to his room, where he left his boyfriend hanging.

kris was lying down on the floor, with his face in a pillow. he was not crying, but he was definitely sulking.

"ge?" tao called out.

the older boy did not move an inch.

tao hurried to kris's side and started petting his hair.

"ge, i'm sorry. i didn't know you were jealous."

kris remained silent and unmoving.

"you never enjoyed skinship, so i didn't think you would be affected by me and sehun. in the future, i will try to adapt to your new liking and make sure your arms are the ones i am always in."

the giant finally lifted his head and brought his arms around his boyfriend's waist.

"it is partly my fault, too. you had no idea and i should have talked about it with you instead of holding it against you."

tao chuckled and kissed kris's nose. he ran his fingers through the older's hair and smiled.

"mhhm, you smell good," kris declared.

"are you sure? i still haven't taken a shower."

kris jumped up and exclaimed, "let's take one together!"

"sehun and i were supposed to take one together..." tao giggled at the scowl on kris's face, "but i don't mind taking one with you."

kris cheered and cupped tao's face. he kissed the younger boy passionately and carried him so his legs were wrapped around his own waist.

the two entered the bathroom with their lips still connected.

after all, makeup sex is always pretty damn sexy.


snowdrop kisses

woah i didnt write in all lowercase this time go me
thanks to my lovely beta, sextrations! ♥ (claire, i love you so much you have no idea)
It was a chilly evening in December. Cars were speeding by and everyone was bundled up. In the distance, there was a handsome, young man sitting on a bench. Covered up in a green trench coat and a white scarf, Zitao was enjoying the scenery.
He loved watching his breath take form in the air as he sighed. He loved hearing the sounds of chitchat and laughter. He loved feeling the kisses of snow on his hands, which began to fall at that moment.
Zitao stood up and looked up at the sky. The snow fell rapidly into his hands, chilling his fingers one by one. He twirled, loving the feel of the cold all around him. He was in public, he was alone, and people were probably starting to think he was a lunatic, but he really didn’t care. He was happy; it was winter, his favorite season, after all.
“Hey,” a familiar voice called out.
Zitao turned around and there was a beautiful man, standing tall with a grin on his face.
“Yifan,” Zitao murmured. He acknowledged that they were wearing similar outfits: a green coat and a white scarf.
“I had a feeling you would be here.”
Zitao chuckled and continued to play in the snow. Yifan watched as his lover ran around the area, letting the snow fall onto every inch of his body. He jumped up and down and spun into thousands of circles. He picked up the fallen snow in his hands and threw it in the air, only creating more snow to fall at his sides. The boy laughed at his silliness and continued to repeat his actions. By the time he was finished; he burst into a fit of deep breaths and giggles.
Without noticing, Zitao realized he had ended up by Yifan’s side once again. He looked up at the older boy and he smiled.
“You know, Zitao,” Yifan said, “it’s not spring, but you’re definitely blooming.”
“Ge, don’t be cheesy!” Zitao complained, as he slapped the older boy on the chest.
Yifan grabbed the boy’s hands and intertwined their fingers together. Immediately, a blush appeared on Zitao’s cheeks.
“I love you,” Yifan said.
Zitao tried to escape Yifan’s grip but he only held on tighter.
“Why are you saying things like that all of a sudden?” Zitao whined.
“Because I feel as if I don’t say it enough.”
Yifan stared into Zitao’s eyes with a pitiful expression. He pulled their connected hands closer to him and kissed his lovers’ fingers.
Zitao released his fingers from Yifan’s and cupped his lover’s face. Being so close to each other, Zitao saw the tears in his eyes.
“Listen to me. This is nothing to cry over, okay?” Zitao explained, “I am perfectly fine with how we are now. I don’t need you to say ‘I love you’ constantly and I don’t need you to pamper me every minute with your kisses. Just having you by my side is enough and it will always be enough.”
Yifan grinned and his tears began to fall slowly. Every single teardrop Zitao wiped away with his thumbs.
The taller boy opened his mouth to say something, but he shut it quickly, unable to process his words. Zitao understood. Yifan was never really good at expressing himself, but that’s one of the many things Zitao loved about him.
“I love you,” Zitao said, once Yifan’s tears stopped flowing.
Yifan took the boy’s hands off his face and put them on his shoulders. He wrapped his own arms around Zitao’s waist and squeezed him tightly.
“I love you, too,” Yifan replied, “Always have, always will.”
Yifan nuzzled their noses together and pecked Zitao on the lips. They both grinned into the kiss, feeling each other’s warmth radiating from their bodies.
Zitao couldn’t be any happier. After all, it was winter, his favorite season, and he was in his lover’s arms.
i like winter couples and i just........
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king kris the first

play 2ne1's "i love you" while reading this to sort of get the "vibe" and (0:00) marks the beginning of the part of the song im talking about


once exo-m entered the dorm from 'total entertainment', kris immediately forced tao onto the wall.

"so how about that thing you wanted to give me?" kris asked.

tao smirked and escaped kris's hold. he walked towards his bedroom with kris on his tail.

god bless that ass.

once kris locked the door behind him, tao played 2ne1's "i love you" and gently forced the older into a chair.

tao took off his jacket began with his own simple choreography. he kept it appropriate with subtle signs of seduction, causing kris's cock to throb.

starting at one point (1:56), his hands travelled all over his swaying body in the sexiest ways possible. kris was highly tempted to reach out and grope the hell out of the younger's ass.

as soon as the slower part of the song came on (2:47), tao walked towards kris and sat on top of him with his legs spread apart. he grinded their erections together slowly while singing into the recipient's ear.

the combination of hot breath blowing into his ear and a gorgeous dick grinding against his own was enough for kris to go over the edge.

kris moved his head to the side to kiss tao, but the younger pulled away. he stood up and the song stopped at that moment. he picked up his jacket and walked away.

"hey! where are you going?" kris yelled, "we're not finished! i was going to let you top!"

tao merely chuckled as he opened the door.

"do you see how big my erection is right now? it feels like it's going to poke a hole through my pants!" kris argued.

tao looked back at the desperate man with a grin,

"the king doesn't always get he wants."


the lyrics of the song have completely nothing to do with the story. i only chose the song because i was thinking of how tao would dance and i immediately thought of minzy and cl in the mv. then i listened to the song and i thought the tune would fit really well so that's why i used it.

no the song is not my inspiration for this fic lol but i'd rather not tell you what my inspiration was ㅎㅎ

also sorry it's kind of rushed and not throroughly detailed and if i ruined the song for you lol

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as long as you're with me

after a night filled with crying and hugging, exo-m came home to their comfortable beds. showers were taken and the boys drifted into sweet dreams.

well, four of them did.

the leader of the group didn't want to sleep just yet. there was one thing he needed to do before he could get a good night's rest.

as kris opened the door, the youngest glanced at him but then returned to scrolling on his phone.

kris sat down on the bed and tao put his phone away. he lied down on the bed, looking up at kris.

"how do you feel?" asked the older.

"extremely happy, but at the same time, i feel a bit melancholy. i know i shouldn't be because well, we won 'best outfit' and 'most popular group'. i guess, the homesickness is back? maybe i just want to be able to celebrate with my family."

"that's reasonable. you weren't crying much today. i was really surprised."

"i think you stole my tears," tao teased.

"hey, don't make fun of me! winning an award like that is really shocking. you know how much it means to me!"

"yes, yes, i do know and i'm just joking. i know you've been hoping for this since the day you auditioned in canada."

"thank you."

"hmm, for what?"

"for everything."

kris took tao's hand in his and smiled.

"look, tao tao er, you know i'm not one for skinship and expressing my emotions. you're the only one who has seen me at my worst. lay and luhan are there for me, but for some reason, i feel like you understand me the most. you always say that i'm the one who has helped you, but in so many ways, you have helped me. i was so close to giving up. i wanted to drop everything and return to canada, but you gave me hope. you trusted me enough to tell me your deepest secrets and you gave me the feeling to be needed. you became my family and i realized without you, i would never be the same. so thank you. thank you for being the one to change me, motivate me, and for being the one i know will be with me until the end."

tao started tearing up and kris wiped his tears for him.

"you already know how you changed me so i don't know what to say except thank you."

"it's okay, i understand. you're more than enough."

tao beamed at him and kris grinned back. tao closed his eyes and began humming 'angel'. soon, he fell asleep. kris slipped further into the bed, laying right next to the boy with their hands connected in between.

he kissed the hand in his, with teary eyes, and whispered,

"i love you."


so basically i wanted to write a fic about the awards and this was born

it was meant to be on the strong friendship side instead of the romantic side because i honestly love taoris' friendship and they're just the bestest friends ever ok ;n; yeah i guess the ending is more romantic but you can also view that as a friendship thing i mean i say i love you to my friends all the time and even to people i just meet so why cant taoris do that too?????

also, if anyone here actually cares, i know i haven't written a fic in like a month or two and i'm sorry ; 3; i didnt have any inspiration and then school started and then my mom took away my phone (currently using sister's ipod) but i really am trying to get back to writing fics again (: if anyone wants to request, go to my tumblr askbox and leave a message. you can request for a fic, gif, or edit, but i warn you, it will take some time! or if you just want to leave a message that works too ^^

ok this a/n is super long bye

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you've been a naughty, naughty boy

kris sort of implied that he spanks tao as punishment on fantastic thursday so of course i thought of this


"xiao lu, can you pass me the remote? i want to watch something else," tao requested.

"but we all want to watch this show. right, guys?"

the three other boys nodded in response and tao pouted.

"if the show was about pandas, yes, but this is just about dolphins. you don't even like dolphins."

"yeah, i do."

"but geeeeee~ i want to watch something else!" tao complained loudly while kicking his legs all over the place.

luhan was about to give in when they heard a booming voice coming from a room.

"zitao, get in here right now," kris called out.

"ooooh, he's using your full name. he's angry, for sure," chen teased.

xiumin shushed him and looked at tao sympathetically.

"don't go in, tao. we'll think of something to ease duizhang," luhan said.

"no, no, it's fine. this is my fault. you guys just keep watching."

tao walked to the room and slowly opened the door. kris was waiting for him with a bitter look on his face.

"close the door, zitao. we need to talk."

tao followed his leader's orders and looked at him with terrified eyes.

"don't look at me like that, zitao. you know what's going to happen to you tonight."

tao immediately smirked, showing his true intentions.

"ah, but duizhang, i haven't done anything wrong. i've been a good child, i promise."

"good child my ass. when was the last time you even acted a bit like a good child?"

tao shrugged, not caring for kris's insulting words.

"here," kris pointed at the desk," put your hands here and bend your knees."

tao followed orders once again and stuck his ass out.

"just use your hand this time, okay? i don't want a whip."

"no problem," kris whispered into tao's ear.

kris stood back a bit and slapped tao's ass.

"spank me harder, duizhang."

this time, kris followed tao's orders and the younger moaned. kris was strong and it stung a bit to be hit so hard, but for tao, the pain just made it feel so much better.

kris continued to spank tao a few times with extreme force and each time, tao moaned and called out duizhang's name.

tao stood upright and lied down on the bed. he took off his shirt and threw it to the floor. he licked his lips and gestured for kris to come closer.

kris smirked and pounced onto
his lover. he took two handcuffs from his nightstand and locked tao's hands to the headboard. he grinded his hips against tao's and the younger thrusted towards kris.

"uh, kris, take my pants off please. they're getting really tight."

kris unbuttoned tao's pants with his teeth. he held onto tao's firm thighs and led the boy's pants off his legs. tao's dick popped up through his boxers, creating a nicely-shaped tent.

"gosh, that's beautiful," kris remarked.

"yours isn't so bad, either," tao replied while he stared at the growing bulge in kris's pants.

"you'll get to see more later, but for now, the pants stay on until you're serviced."

"alright, i see no problem with that."

kris kissed tao roughly, banging their teeth together. tao kissed back with the same amount of force and stuck his tongue into kris's cavern.

they continued to taste each other thoroughly while kris found the hem of tao's boxers. he stuck his hand inside and began to stroke tao's manhood. kris flicked his thumb against the head and played with the leaking precum.

tao shivered from the rapturous touches and wailed for more.

kris used his other hand to sneak under tao. he groped tao's ass eagerly and tao screamed from shock. kris massaged tao's ass continuously and tao closed his eyes.

"k-kris, i'm close.." tao managed to say.

"okay, babe," kris said and kissed tao's nose.

tao's moans made kris hornier than ever, causing him to act faster. soon, tao was at his peak and came into kris's hand.

right when tao's orgasm ended, luhan opened the door to the room.

"hey, kris, let tao go. he--," luhan stopped talking once he saw the erotic scene in front of him, "um, well this quite awkward."

luhan ran into the living room quickly with a tomato red shade on his face.

"did you convince duizhang to let tao go?" lay asked.

"was he really mad?" xiumin questioned.

luhan shook his head.

"never, i repeat, never make duizhang angry."


sorry for totally cockblocking taoris but i can only write foreplay ):

baby, stay with me

"hey, zitao, i'm home," yifan called out, as he took off his shoes.

the younger immediately ran up to him and cupped his face in his hands.

"i missed you so much," zitao said with a smile.

"i've only been gone for a few hours."

"but i was so bored the whole day. there was nothing to do."

"you should have visited me at work."

"yeah, but i didn't want to be a bother."

"never. i love it when you're around. plus, the guys keep asking about you."

"maybe i'll visit tomorrow. as for now, i made you dinner so eat up."

"i'll eat later. right now, i just want to rest."

yifan pulled his the boy onto the couch with him and held him tightly. he rested zitao's head on his chest and intertwined their fingers.

"you should eat, yifan. i don't want you sneaking out of the room later for a midnight snack."

"i told you, i'll eat later. just let me enjoy this moment, okay?"

zitao nodded and yifan kissed his head.

"i missed you, too."

"but you were only gone for a few hours, right?" zitao smirked.

"no, i just missed you in general. we haven't really hung out in awhile."

"what do you mean? we live with each other."

"i know, but i can't remember the last time we've cuddled like this."

"well, we're always so busy. we work different hours and we never have the same off days."

"so we should take advantage of the time we have together."

zitao looked up at his lover with questioning eyes.

"and how shall we do that, my darling?"

"by doing this."

yifan placed his lips onto zitao's and he felt the softness of the boy's lips. he loved knowing that he was the only one who could taste the sweet flavor of zitao's lips. zitao smiled into the kiss, enjoying how yifan seemed so eager but gentle at the same time.

the boys soon became out of breathe and pulled themselves away from each other.

"i love you, zitao."

"i love you, too, yifan."

you're just the sweetest thing

this story's pretty stupid to be honest. i couldn't decide if i should make it angst or crack so i sort of put in both. it's also kind of rushed and i dont really like it. but nonetheless, it's inspired by one of my best friends. although we never got the happy ending, he was like my own yifan ♥


yifan checked himself out in the mirror and gasped.

"wow, i have a nice ass."

"what?" zitao questioned.

"seriously, zitao, look! i have a really nice ass!"

"are you kidding me right now?"

"no, i'm not. if i could, i would fuck my own ass."

"why am i friends with you again?"

"because i have a fuckable ass."

"oh my god, shut up. we gotta leave for starbucks now if we're gonna come home by 5."

"ugh, fine, but only because i know that if you're not home by the time your mom is, you'll be dead."

the two boys left zitao's house and started walking.

on the way, they passed by the neighborhood park and the high school they both attended.

"hey, remember this spot? this is where i met your little brother, ya lun!" zitao exclaimed.

"hah, yup, you claimed that little kids made you feel better or some emotional shit like that. why were you feeling sad anyways?"

"oh, that was the day after me and woosuk broke up."

"ah, but you guys only dated for three weeks and you didn't really like him."

"well yeah, but it still felt sad. i guess because i really did feel happy in those three weeks and the realization of losing it made me feel lonely."

"was it the same with that guy named taekyun?"

"that guy from seventh grade? sort of, i guess, but truthfully, he was far less attractive than woosuk, especially after what he pulled last month."

yifan started chuckling.

"hey! quit laughing! it's not even funny! it's quite creepy, if you think about it!"

"i can't believe he still likes you after two years! he texted you, saying he wanted to be your boyfriend! he knows you moved and that you'll never see him again but he kept trying to persuade you after you rejected him! i mean, what the fuck. who does that?"

"it's better than wanting to fuck your own ass."

"not funny!"

zitao ran away backwards with yifan chasing him.

soon, zitao surpassed the light and came close to a lane.

"zitao, watch out!"

yifan ran faster and pulled zitao closer to him.

"aish, zitao! why don't you watch where you're going?! you know, we were coming close to the crossroad!"

"i'm sorry. i wasn't thinking and.."

yifan held zitao to his chest.

"shh, shh. it's fine. you just got me worried. you know, i got hit by a car while i was biking once so crossing streets with you reveals my protective side."

"i know. i'm sorry. i always do this. i constantly worry you."

"it's okay. i'm just glad you're by my side."


"hey, yifan! are you going to try out for track today?" zitao yelled as he came running towards the boy.

"hmm, maybe. come with me to the field?"

zitao nodded and the boys started walking.

"didn't you say you wanted to try out for track, too?" yifan asked.

"yeah, i really wanted to do high jump ever since seventh grade, but i can't run for shit so i decided against it."

the boys arrived at the field and yifan started talking to a boy zitao recognized as chanyeol.

zitao walked away and began to watch the people running around the field.

'i wish i could run like that. all the people here could do something unlike me,' zitao thought.

"daydreaming again?" yifan asked, interrupting his thoughts.

"no, i just remembered i have something to do, so i'm going to go home now."

zitao hid his face and ran away. he couldn't let yifan see him like this. he was already enough trouble.

he continued to run but stopped when he saw yifan in front of him.

"do you really think i don't know when you're feeling down?"

"hah, what are you talking about? i really do have something to do."

"what? like cry by yourself at home? tell me what's bothering you. we're best friends remember?"

"okay, but not here. let's talk at the park."


the two boys walked in silence. the only time words came out of their mouths was when they said 'thank you' to the crossing guard.

zitao sat on the swing and hummed.

"so, tell me now. what's wrong?" yifan asked.

"while i was watching the people running, i remembered what my mom told me this morning. she started yelling at me, saying how i was stupid and that i don't try hard in school. she's said it all before but it hurts."

zitao's tears started to fall but he did his best to hold it in. yifan walked to him and wiped his tears.

"there's no need to feel like that, zitao. i know that you hate it when people yell at you, but she's your mom. she's only saying these things out of love. she wants the best for you."

"i know, but sometimes i forget and my emotions get the better of me."

"that's always the reason, isn't it?"

yifan helped zitao off the swing and wiped his remaining tears.

"okay, you go home and wash your face. i'll see you tomorrow."

"mhhm, thank you, yifan."

yifan pulled zitao in a warm
embrace and hugged his back.

"it's no problem. i like it better when you're happy."


tao tao ♡: guysssss, guess what happened today!
myun myun ♡: it's about yifan isnt it?
soo soo ♡: im betting it is
tao tao ♡: keke it is
tao tao ♡: i like him(≧∇≦)
soo soo ♡: not surprising
myun myun ♡: yup knew it from the start
tao tao ♡: what are you talking about?? ㅇㅅㅇ
myun myun ♡: you constantly talk about him like crazy
soo soo ♡: and you always pass by our pe class to say hi to him
myun myun ♡: remember when we were at del taco? we were singing the hawaiian couple song then you called him mosshiseo
tao tao ♡: i was joking
myun myun ♡: but whenever we're in class you always talk about him
soo soo ♡: im so glad i dont have any classes with you
myun myun ♡: quit rubbing it in my face
soo soo ♡: hahaha sucks for you, you got 4 with him
tao tao ♡: you guys are being mean ㅠㅡㅠ bye

xiao lu ♡: ayyy zitao i heard yifan and jongin talking about you today
tao tao ♡: oh really when?
xiao lu ♡: in the beginning of fifth period
xiao lu ♡: they sit near the entrance so right when i walked in, i heard them talking
tao tao ♡: what'd they say?
xiao lu ♡: they were talking about the bro code. jongin said something like "we dont really hang out with woosuk anymore so i guess the bro code doesnt matter"
xiao lu ♡: and remember you told me yifan said that he would never date any of woosuk's exes because that's against the bro code?
tao tao ♡: yep he tells me that every day
xiao lu ♡: and who are woosuk's exes again?
tao tao ♡: me and some kid named minho but theyre not close
xiao lu ♡: exactly! so i was like "you like zitao???" and jongin pointed to yifan and yifan was like "no i dont"
tao tao ♡: did you say anything after?
xiao lu ♡: wanted to but the bell rang so i had to sit down
xiao lu ♡: sorry
tao tao ♡: ah its fine you have me valuable info anyways
xiao lu ♡: so?
tao tao ♡: so what?
xiao lu ♡: you obviously like him and um hello he obviously likes you too
tao tao ♡: no im gonna wait til he makes a move i dont wanna ruin our friendship
tao tao ♡: he means too much to me
xiao lu ♡: ok gotcha~ good luck, bb!


once zitao arrived at school, he went to yifan's first period.

"hey, seonsaeng-nim, i have something for yifan."

"do you want me to give it to him or do you want to leave it on his desk?"

"uh, i'll just leave it on his desk. where does he sit?"

"third row, third seat."

"okay, thank you."

zitao placed the t-shirt and the big card on yifan's desk. he opened the card and looked it over. he smiled, thinking about how yifan would react.


"yifan, did you get my presents?"

"yeah, i did. they're much better than the box of ferero rocher chocolates i gave you."

"not even. i just got you a simple t-shirt."

"which i find really stylish, okay? thanks by the way. you really didn't have to get me anything."

"of course i have to. you're my best friend! did you read the card yet?"

"no, i was going to wait until i got home."

"did you at least open it?"

"not yet."

"then open it right now!"

yifan took the card out of his bag and opened it.

"holy shit! you wrote so much! i thought you were just going to write happy birthday in super big words."

"excuse you, i'm much deeper than that."

"it shows," yifan sighed, "i can't believe you wrote this much. this is one of those big construction papers and you wrote so small and filled the whole thing."

"and they're all genuine words, too. i mean every single thing from the bottom of my heart."

"i know you do."

yifan looked into zitao's eyes and smiled.

♪ baobei, baobei, baobei ohhh ♪

zitao took out his phone and answered his text.

"oh, my mom's in the parking lot. my uncle's in town so we're having dinner with him."

zitao grabbed all his stuff and hugged yifan.

"happy birthday, best."

without thinking, zitao kissed him on the cheek. before yifan could say anything, he was already gone, leaving the older boy confused.


tao tao ♡: hey yifan have you been ignoring me?
wu wu booboo ♡♡♡: no i havent
tao tao ♡: but we've barely talked in the last two weeks
wu wu booboo ♡♡♡: it's just me being insecure
tao tao ♡: aww wu wu TTwTT you've been worrying me~ tell me everything!!
wu wu booboo ♡♡♡: dont worry about me, i just started wondering about us. zitao, you're like a rare gem. you're a great person and i think you deserve the best. you're just different from any other person and sometimes i question why you waste so much time on me
tao tao ♡: dont say that! you're the bestest friend anyone can ask for! you're always there for me and you're the only one in this world that knows everything about me. you know when i need cheering up and you never hesitate to help me. i honestly think our friendship is something no one can imitate. we just really get along and no one can change that
wu wu booboo ♡♡♡: thank you for your sweet words. i know it was stupid for me to feel insecure. i would love to keep talking to you but it's late and i'm sleepy
wu wu booboo ♡♡♡: sweet dreams, zitao ♥
tao tao ♡: same to you, yifan. love you ♥
wu wu booboo ♡♡♡: ♥


"yo, zitao! jongin has an audition so i'll be helping him out. go on home if you want to. you don't need to wait for me."

"no, i'll stay. mom said she'll be home late anyways."

"alright. jongin said he'll be by the band room."

"'kay, let's go then."

once the boys arrived, they realized jongin wasn't alone. chanyeol was there and so were sehun and taemin. another boy was there, as well, but zitao didn't know his name. in fact, zitao didn't really know any of them.

he sat down on the ground and began to do homework. the whole time yifan ignored him and only paid attention to the other boys that were there.

zitao silently watched as he realized yifan and chanyeol were far closer than he thought. for some reason, it made zitao feel jealous. he knew he shouldn't because yifan wasn't even chanyeol's type. everyone knew chanyeol had a thing for short, girly guys, which yifan was totally not.

soon, sehun left for practice and chanyeol was picked up by his dad. the guy zitao didn't know left, too.

jongin and taemin started walking elsewhere and yifan pushed zitao to follow along.

"where are we going?" zitao asked.

"parking lot. jongin's mom is going to pick him and taemin up," yifan replied.

as they waited, jongin played some ke$ha songs and started singing along.

zitao slumped in the corner and wished he wasn't so awkward. he knew all of the boys but he didn't know what to say to them. for gods sake, him and sehun used to eat lunch together, but now, they just wave at each other and smile weakly. taemin and him met through sehun a few months ago but that friendship died down, as well. he had classes with jongin and chanyeol. although jongin never really was a fun person to be around, chanyeol always made attempts to talk to him. zitao inwardly cried about his insecurities, failing to realize jongin and taemin were now gone.

"hey," yifan called out, "something on your mind?"

"no, nothing. walk me home?"

"sure, but only until the street light. mom wants me home by five thirty."

"that's new."

"i know, right? usually she doesn't care what time i come home."

"didn't you say you came home at eleven pm this one time and your parents didn't even stay up to see you arrive?"

"yeah, the next morning, i asked if i worried them and they said they didn't even notice i was gone."

"how sweet."

the trip to the street light ended far too quickly.

"so bye now," zitao said.

"hug?" yifan requested, "i haven't had one of your hugs in weeks."

zitao nodded and yifan pulled him in. zitao clutched onto the back of yifan's shirt tightly, doing his best to hold in the sobs.

"you know, it's really great to feel your touch," yifan commented.

zitao couldn't take it anymore; he's always been bad at holding in his tears. he cried into yifan's shoulder and held onto his shirt tighter.

"what's wrong, zitao? tell me."


"you can trust me, remember?"

"i love you, yifan."

"i love you, too, zitao. i thought we already established that."

zitao peeled himself away from yifan and wiped his face.

"no, yifan. i don't love you like a friend. ever since the start, i slowly fell in love with you. i was in denial for so long but even when i realized it, it didn't make much of a difference. i realized you'll never feel the same way and it will always be unrequited love. no matter who i like, the ending is always the same. i'm never going to get a happy ending. i'm never going to get someone to walk on the beach with. i'll always be the one that's left behind, yifan"

yifan began to cry, as well.

"you can't say that, zitao. you have no right to say that! i've loved you from the very start. how you smiled when i teased you and how you got along with ya lun. i fell in love with you so easily. that's why i always told you i would never date a bro's ex no matter how amazing that person is. but i don't believe it anymore. woosuk and i have nothing to do with each other. i love you so much, zitao, and i can't bare to see you become someone else's. please be mine, zitao. stay by my side forever."

zitao let out a small "yes" and yifan pulled him into a passionate kiss. 

they didn't care that they were out in public. they didn't care that cars were passing by and honking at them. they didn't care that the people walking past them yelled at them to get a room.

they finally created a stronger bond than before, a bond that included friendship and love.

plus, all those people were just jealous because they couldn't fuck yifan's ass.

i want you to touch me

inspired by this. i have the bigger photo saved in my phone so if you want to see it, just ask.


"chen chen, what are you doing?" tao asked with a bubbly smile.

"just looking through some sites kris recommended. you know, the ones with a lot of exo posts and such," the older boy replied.

"oh, is that how you found those videos of baekhyun?"


"are you looking for anything specific?"

"um, not really. i'm kind of just going through fanmade stuff."

"are there any of me?"

"there's a lot of drawings with you as a panda. they're adorable."

"ah, really? how about duizhang?"

"hmm, haven't seen any. i'll go search for some right now."

chen typed a few keywords into the search bar and tao watched excitedly.

"oh! hyung, look at the first thing that came up! it says that they are pictures of me and duizhang! click that one, pleaaaaaaase."

as soon as chen clicked the link, tao yelled.

"ah! what is that! oh my god! that's so embarrassing!"

tao ran out of the room quickly with his face very red and bumped into the last person he wanted to see.

"oh, sorry, duizhang, didn't see you," tao said while hiding his face.

"it's alright, i guess," kris muttered as the younger boy locked himself in his room.

kris walked into his own room to find his roommate lying on the floor, clutching his stomach, trying to catch his breath.

"um, chen? do you know why tao's face is so flushed?"

the boy began to laugh once again but pointed to the computer on his desk. kris walked towards it, but was left unsurprised.

"yeah, okay, so it's a picture of me and tao. why is he so worked up over it?"

immediately, chen stopped laughing and stood up.

"wait what? you're not in shock? look at all these photos! they're all of you in weird positions! here's one where you guys are both naked! thank god tao didn't see that one. there's this one where it looks you guys are about to kiss. actually, this one's not so bad since you guys are just in the same bed back-to-back. oh, tao saw this photo! look at it! you're in between his legs holding his chin! aren't you at all affected by any of this?"

"sorry to leave you unamused, but no, i am not affected at all. i have seen all of these pictures countless times before and the first time was equally as shocking as today."

chen wouldn't lose. no, not today. he was the king of trickery and his reign shall go on for many more years to come.

"hmm, could it be," chen smirked, "that you search for these yourselves? in fact, you were the one who told me about this site."

kris's face became as red as tao's and chen chuckled.

"ah, so i'm right. the reason you're not shocked is because the only feeling you have is desire. these type of pictures arouse you, don't they? you wish that you could do things like this with tao but you're afraid of scaring him. you're afraid he'll reject you and he'll never want to see you again."

kris's face grew redder and redder by every word.

"oh, kris, i know what you're thinking and no, i'm not a mind reader. i'm simply clever and i'm also cruel, but not that cruel. so listen well, young one, since i'll only say it once. tao feels the exact same way as you do. no, i'm not lying, i swear. he talks to lay about these things and you know how lay is, he honestly can't keep any secrets. i'm rather surprised that he hasn't revealed tao's feelings for the world to know. but that's besides the point. you better talk to our little didi because he's probably confused like crazy right now, maybe even sobbing over his feelings."

kris looked at the boy with questioning eyes.

"there's no time to doubt me so just go."

kris followed his orders and knocked on tao's door.

"hey, tao. i need to talk to you."

"no, sorry, can't right now, duizhang. i'm busy. um, i'm in the middle of an important call."

"i know you're lying. the only calls you consider important would be the calls to and from the boys in korea and if it was them, you'd be skipping around the dorm, talking to the phone really loudly."

"fine then, i'm not in the middle of an important call, but i really need to practice. maybe next time, okay, duizhang?"

"you practiced earlier; i saw you. quit making up excuses and just let me in."

tao opened the door but ran back to his bed to hide behind a huge panda plushie. kris closed the door and sat on tao's bed. he nudged tao and grabbed the plushie out of his hands. tao slid further into his bed, covering his face with a blanket. kris uncovered him but then tao flipped onto his stomach.

"tao, can you please stop it? this is important, okay? i know you saw that picture and don't even try to lie about that too. chen showed me."

tao sat up and looked into kris's stern eyes. although kris's face began to return to the right color, tao's face was still a bright pink, a shade that kris thought was rather cute.

"look, tao. i want you to tell me what you feel about the picture. i want to know why it's causing you to blush this hard. don't leave out anything. i'm your best friend, remember? we promised we would tell each other everything."

"um okay then, but don't be mad after, okay? if you get mad at me after, i'll feel really sad."

"alright, i promise i won't get mad."

"well, the truth is i don't like you as a brother. my feelings for you are much different from that and they're also more than a friend's feelings. also, it's really embarrassing for me to admit this, but i actually really like that picture. the reason i'm blushing so hard over it is because i actually wanted to do that with you. i really like you, duizhang. i like you a lot, but i know that you don't feel the same way so i kept it to myself. actually, lay knows. he's been telling me to confess, but i thought it was a mad idea. if he found out about this, then he'll probably be ecstatic. but then again, i don't know if i should tell--"

kris held his fingers to tao's lips.

"you always talk so much when you're nervous. it's quite cute."

tao blushed even more at the word, "cute".

"i really like it when you're nervous, you know? you ramble and then you blush. you're just naturally cute."

"duizhang, stop teasing me!"

"i'm not, i promise. come, sit right here."

kris stood up and patted the edge of the bed. tao obeyed and scooted to the spot.

"you know, tao, the picture you saw isn't the only one. there's a lot more and i've seen all of them."

"no, you're lying. fangirls aren't that crazy to make so much photos like that!"

"but tao, they are."

"why do people even pay attention to those pictures? they're obviously fake."

"well, would you like it better if they were a reality?"

"huh? what do you mean, duizhang?"

kris moved closer and closer to the confused boy.

"i've always wanted to do those things with you. i've always wanted to hold you a little bit closer than usual. but i was so afraid; i thought that you'd reject me."

tao realized that kris was now between his legs. he tried to move back but kris held him at the waist. tao tingled into the touch and suppressed a giggle. kris took tao's chin into his fingers and smirked.

"i like you, tao. i like you so much that i've been dreaming of doing this for so long."

at that moment, kris placed his lips on tao's. kris pushed his tongue into tao's mouth and their tongues began to dance. the boys kissed with so much passion that they forgot about everything else.

not even the best editing program can capture a moment like this.